It started out innocently enough

A little over 5 years ago, I got the itch to start collecting baseball & hockey cards again.  To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing then when it came to online checklists, message boards and other things related to the hobby that I take for granted today.Then I ran across this particular post on a well known card blog.The inspiration to start a card blog of my own was kindled.  I thought to myself “if other regular guys out there can do this, so can I!!” So I started hunting around other blogs, looking for potential trade partners, and I settled on one particular gentleman, and completed a trade.  About a week or two later (if my memory serves me correctly) I received a package, created this short post, and 5 years ago today, the $30 a week habit blog had begun.Along the way I’ve dealt with quite a few awesome card bloggers, read a lot of material, and learned a lot about not only the card collecting hobby, but the quality of people that are involved.  When you get total strangers sending you emails asking for your address so they can send you cards, and then a package so big arrives in the mail that you could do permanent damage to someone if you hit them with it, how can you not enjoy this hobby?!In addition, I’ve discovered a love for vintage, even on a “budget”.  I’ve reinforced my love of numbers by starting (and nearly finishing) the serial numbered insanity set.  I started one player collection over 25 years ago (Joe Sakic), and have upped that number to 5 players now.   I’m sure that I’ve completed well over 100 trades with fellow bloggers (I stopped counting a while ago),  and added thousands of cards to my collection.  I’ve spent countless hours sorting, creating checklists, preparing envelopes, and documenting my love for the hobby.This is post #1369 for me, and I hope I have enough left in the tank to hit the 2000 mark sometime in the future. To all those who have read my drivel over the years, I do thank you.  To all those I’ve traded with over the years, thank you.  You have enhanced my love for this hobby ten fold.  More often than not now, when I manage a nice pull from a pack that doesn’t fit my collection, I think to myself “where does this card belong?”  I enjoy reading posts on other blogs when they receive cards that I’ve sent them, because I know that they appreciate what I’ve sent.  That to me is what this hobby is all about.Kindred spirits. In our world that is full of turmoil and insanity, it’s nice to know that there’s one constant out there.Remember kids, it’s all about the cards.  Love em or hate em, it’s what we enjoy.Today is the start of year 6 here at $30 a week habit.As always,Thank you for reading, Robert

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