One down, 9 to go

One of my long term collecting goals will be to complete each of the O-Pee-Chee sets from the 1980’s, beginning with the 80-81 set and moving right on up to 89-90.  Some of the sets I have bits and pieces of starts, there are a couple that I may only have a card or 2 of, and there’s a couple that are just about done.With the black Friday sale at COMC recently, I finally decided to get the last card I needed for the 87-88 OPC quest.  As it almost always is with older sets, the final card or 2 ends up being a star or some other valuable card in the set.  In this case, it was card #53, Wayne Gretzky.What I decided to do is scan each of the pages to show off this morning.  What I found while going through each one is that the set is very colorful, meaning that the majority of the photos feature the players in their road uniforms (I’m guessing about a 80-20 ratio). Enjoy!The last card for my 88-89 set is the Hull RC.  Then I get to sit down and see where I am with the 89-90 set (I know those cards are around here somewhere…).  The 80’s for me will probably be my all time favorite as far as hockey goes, it was a real run and gun game then where it wasn’t uncommon to see teams hit double digits in goals on a given night. While these sets may not be as nostalgic for a lot of you compared to 60’s or 70’s baseball, I will never get tired looking through any of the 80’s hockey sets. It’s about what you like, right?Thanks for reading, Robert

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