Serial Numbered Insanity–Hockey style.

OK, just in case you haven’t heard, I’ve decided to go ahead with the hockey version of the Serial Numbered Insanity project.   I’m a glutton for punishment.  I have put a page at the top of the blog, but just in case you don’t want to be bothered looking it over, here’s what it says…A little different from the baseball version this time, largely because I learned a couple of things as I went along.  I can’t wait to see how this set progresses…Here are the “rules”:This set is going to be a little smaller, 1200 cards.  40 cards by 30 teams.I’m sure that this is going to last longer than a year, so when the new Las Vegas team comes in, they won’t be a part of the set.   Each team will be represented at least once in the first 100 cards of the set. No jerseys/autographs in this set, similar to the baseball version.  Inserts are fine.No restriction on card companies this time.  This is different from the baseball version, which I restricted to Topps/Bowman products.   In the Game, Upper Deck, Topps, Panini are all an option.I’ve kind of loosened it up a bit, allowing more companies to be a part of the set for a couple of reasons.Variety:  It kind of got a bit boring towards the end of the baseball version, because we was seeing the same sets over and over again.  With multiple card companies involved, we should see more types of serial numbered cards, hopefully making it a little more fun for everyone.Difficulty:  Unlike baseball that has Topps pumping out their gold parallel with 2000+ serial numbers each year, hockey doesn’t have that so much.   There are a few hockey sets that go over 1000, but not a lot.  We’ll see how hard it is to get cards 1000-1200.The blogosphere:  I’m sure that out of the “big 4”, hockey is probably last on the majority of collectors lists as far as collecting goes.  Yes, I know that there are some notable exceptions to this (Doug of Sportscards from the Dollar Store instantly comes to mind), but there are a lot of collectors out there that probably couldn’t tell me what a puck is as well.  It’s not a bad thing, it just limits the amount of people that may want to contribute.  I had 67 different bloggers/readers send me cards for the baseball version, I’m sure that I won’t come close to that on the hockey side.  Again, not a bad thing!!Maybe pumping out these posts might sway a person or 2 to pick up a hockey card here and there, possibly add a player or set to their collection that they may not have been interested in in the past. ’97 Leaf Limited insert of Mats Sundin.  It’s in play this time around.  It’s one of 28 cards I already have towards the set.   Just 1172 to go. Let the games begin.Thanks for reading, Robert

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