Sometimes finding cards isn't such a good thing.

Yes, more of the moving into the new house chronicles.  I’ve been making an effort to start digging through boxes and plastic card holders to figure out just exactly what I have in my possession.  If you read this post last month, you may recall that I started toying with the idea of starting a hockey version of the SNI.So what did I find in the last couple of nights?2000-01 BAP Memorabilia Ruby Parallel of Richard Zednik of the Washington Capitals.   This is what’s on the back.Serial #’d 33/200.   I found 3 others from the same set, with serial #’s 49,61 and 178.  What worried me was that with such a limited print run, and many more serial #’d issues with similar low print runs, that a 1500 card SNI hockey set might be tough. Then, this evening I find these two cards. On the back?There’s a couple of larger serial #’s.  I don’t think that there are too many hockey sets with serial #’d print runs as big as 98-99 Black Diamond.  SPx Finite is the only other one that comes to mind (it would take care of the higher numbers).  Other hockey sets such as SP Authentic and Artifacts would help to fill in holes as well. With the baseball SNI set very close to completion, I seem to be trying to talk myself into starting the hockey version.  It certainly would take as long, if not longer than the baseball set did, because there are fewer hockey collectors in the blogosphere, so it would be much more of an individual effort.However, with just 6 of the potential 1500 serial #’s in hand, this idea may still be just a pipe dream.  But with my intention of going through every card that I have over the next few weeks to see exactly what I have in hand, I may find more cards like this that I don’t remember having.  That thought scares me.   Stay tuned.thanks for reading, Robert

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