They took the long way home

I haven’t done a post with a musical reference in quite a while, but when you hear how these two groups of Jays cards found their way into my possession, you’ll get the idea.First, I participated in a group break with a few other bloggers that was run by Colbey at the Cardboard Collections blog.   I wasn’t lucky enough to land any hits, but I did catch a few Jays that made their way here…A few stickers from the 2011 & 2012 Topps MLB sticker sets, along with a mini Kevin Pillar from this years A&G started us off.  I don’t have many of the stickers, so these were welcome.  I’ve not touched A&G yet from 2016, but plan to in the near future.Topps Bunt seems to be the big hit this year with collectors, something new and different was welcomed by a lot of people.  I’ve always been partial to the 100 card insert sets from A&G (the only insert set I will chase), and the numbers game insert from this year’s release will not be any different.How’d these cards take the long way home?  Well, Colbey accidentally sent them to my old house up in PA.  Hey, mistakes happen, no worries.  Thankfully, the couple that bought our home up north are a reverend and his wife, and they were kind enough to repackage the cards and send them with a thank you note, saying that they loved their new home and were blessed to have found it.Very cool indeed.Next up, an impromptu envelope from the Night Owl.  Greg took the opportunity to send me a few goodies to knock down some want lists.Here’s the new, a couple of ’16 Bowman Platinum cards, along with a Diamond Kings card of David Price, the rental Jay from last year.  The silver ice Josh Donaldson card looks even better in hand.Greg also sent a half dozen older cards that were part of my massive Blue Jays want list. How’d these cards take the long way home?  Well, I hadn’t sent Greg my new home address as of yet, so he sent this envelope to my previous Florida residence.   Thankfully my friends were kind enough to hold the envelope for me until I could come and claim it.So, thanks to the kindness of strangers and friends, I now own a couple dozen more cards which have been added to my collection. I must have had a lot of good karma in the bank.Colbey and Greg, thank you both for the envelopes, the cards are much appreciated!!Thanks for reading, Robert

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