Why Apple is Most Valuable Company in terms of Profit and Revenue

Apple seems to be the insuperable sultan among technology providers today. No wonder that the decade’s golden arena has raised the company to possibly become the world’s most valuable company ever.Here is how the elusive feat was possibly achieved. Apple went past the record revenue of $620 billion set by Microsoft in 1999. The company has made a whopping $623 billion. Its stock values rose rapidly owing to optimism over the release of the iPhone 5 and a possible smaller and inexpensive iPad. It has continued to be the world’s most valuable company since last year and today it is possible the most valuable one “ever”. According to analysts Apple, iPhone revenues piled up more than Microsoft as the former is worth more than Google and Microsoft put together. Apple had already grabbed the number one status on the worth of the company, overtaking Exxon Mobil a year ago. Read Full Story »»

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