It has been 3 weeks since I posted anything that I’ve purchased on the blog.  That doesn’t mean to say that I haven’t spent any money on cards, because I had to put $$ into my COMC account to start shopping for everyone.  That post comes in the next few days when I complete my task.Today’s purchase was completed last week on ebay, and consists of a grand total of 4 cards.  There was one particular card that I’ve had sitting in my cart for a few weeks now, and I had totally forgotten about it until last Thursday.  Surprised is probably the right word for how I felt when I looked and it was still available!!I have a funny habit of not being able to purchase just one card.   It’s a weird idiosyncrasy of mine, and if you’re a seller on ebay, you’re probably happy when I come your way because you’ll know that you’re going to move more than just one card out of inventory.I’m very curious to see how this year’s Heritage set looks, as it will be the homage to the ’68 Topps set.  Instead I decided to buy 3 of the originals for $5.  They’re all in very good shape, probably 3 of the best ’68s that I own. For $32 I now have one of the two remaining whales from my ’64 set.  I sacrificed a bit of condition for some affordability.   Because of this, I may be inclined to spend a bit more on the AL Bombers card that is the other big ticket left for me (although a lot of the Aparicio cards I’ve been seeing for sale are more expensive than I thought). When I finish my COMC shopping for everyone, two of the final ’64s that I purchased a while ago that will head my way. After all this time, it’s great to be at 99% complete. $1904-$37=$1867 left for 2017.Thanks for reading, Robert

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