5 million iPhone 5 sales after first weekend

Last Friday (21/9) is the time of the iPhone 5 began to be sold after Apple allows buyers to pre-order from September 14. Apple has announced that a total of 5 million iPhones 5 are sold after the end of the first week, which includes all orders. Last year, after the first three days of sales, iPhone 4S sales of 4 million units. In an information regarding iOS 6, Apple said there are 100 million iOS installed the new operating system version. Apple iOS 6 is introduced in June and released on 19/9. For the iPhone 5, will be adding 22 more countries to sell the iPhone 5 from 28/9 and the end of the year, that number will increase to more than 100 countries. Vietnam we would be coming in October.   Source: Apple

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