7 packs of cards to scratch an itch

I had the day off today, and after taking care of the household items that needed taken care of, I decided to head over to Target, specifically to scratch the itch of breaking some packs of cards. Mostly, the packs I bought were to see how the products looked.  I don’t have a desire to chase these sets, but I’m sure that there are some people in the blogosphere that are.  Or, there may be people that are just looking for specific teams or players.   That’s OK too.First up, is a fat pack of ’16 Heritage High NumbersTo be honest, all I was really hoping for out of all this cardboard goodness was some Jays to add to the collection.  No luck with the first 9.A couple of RCs of players I’ve never heard of.  I’m sure that team collectors will have heard of these guys.Now these 3 cards are numbered starting with THC, which in the past I knew to be Topps Heritage Chrome.  These don’t qualify by any stretch of the imagination as Chrome cards.  But hey, maybe somebody is chasing a black bordered set, or they’re an Adam Wainwright fan? I always manage to get unpopular teams like the Mets or the Dodgers when I pull inserts.  I just don’t know why.  Dumb luck I guess.  Maybe a good home can be found for these misguided cards…Next up is a pair of Topps Chrome 3 packs.  I always seem to dabble in these each year, buying a few packs here and there to pique my curiosity.  They don’t seem that bad to me this year either. Pack 1:  The Gardner is a refractor.  Can’t complain about this pack, other than it’s devoid of Jays.Pack 2:  Another Jays free pack, but the Youth Impact Kyle Schwarber should find its way to a Cubs collector somewhere.   My question is, the Schwarber is an insert, how in the world does it have a RC tag on it?Pack 3:  More cards from unpopular teams.  I hear that Corey Seager guy is kind of good.  The Carlos Martinez card is a refractor.OK, the first 3 have yielded nothing but trade bait. Maybe the other trio of packs will have something that I want.Pack 4:  Jackpot!! Marcus Stroman is one of the good guys who has finally found a home.  The Addison Russell doesn’t say refractor on the back, but it’s got kind of a green tinge in the background.  I’m guessing it’s a Prism Refractor? Pack 5:  Perspectives comes back in the Chrome set, and Yadier Molina is captured at PNC Park.  The Bowser sign in the background is the giveaway for me.  No refractors in this pack.Pack 6:  Pulled another Perspectives card, this time of Byron Buxton of the Twins.  Great stadium shot behind him.  I didn’t like these in the base set, but they have grown on me a bit in Chrome.  Never the less, Buxton and the other cards are up for grabs.Pink!!  Chrome used to have the bonus 3 packs of Orange refractors, this year it’s pink.  I like the look of them, the Pink isn’t overpowering.  Needless to say, I pulled some more of the unpopular teams like the White Sox and Rangers.  Horrible luck.OK kids, if you’re looking for any or all of these, speak now in the comments section.  If there’s something you like, just say so.  We can work out a deal…I promise.thanks for reading, Robert

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