A couple of penny sleeves worth of Blue Jays

A couple of mailers came in today with varying degrees of greatness.  The best part about both of them is they came from new trading partners.  It’s always great to get some cards from some new people from the blogosphere.Jon from a Penny Sleeve for your thoughts asked last week (maybe longer ago than that..) about the pair of buyback cards I pulled from the series 1 box from this year.  I was all too happy to send those to him, and in return he sent me a PWE with a nice helping of Blue Jays.How about knocking off one entire set from my Blue Jays want list!  The 1983 Topps stickers set is suddenly gone thanks to Jon; these 8 stickers are in the books.  The one that made me look twice is in the lower right; the Jesse Barfield sticker photo almost doesn’t look like him.  I was also very shocked a while ago when Jesse followed me on twitter (@JesseBarfield29).  I don’t make it a habit of following a lot of pro athletes, so when Jesse followed me out of the blue, I quickly followed back. The other penny sleeve in the envelope contained this ’99 Black Diamond double diamond Roger Clemens card.  I had to look at the Blue Jays have list, because I didn’t remember seeing any of these before today.  Sure enough, this is the first black diamond card I have.  Makes sense since there are only 2 Blue Jays featured in the set (Jose Cruz Jr. is the other).For just a few pennies, some great cards made their way here.  Who says a penny can’t get you anything anymore?Thank you Jon!  The cards were greatly appreciated.thanks for reading, Robert

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