A day off

Yesterday, I did something that I haven’t done in quite a long time.  I actually stayed away from my computer.  Didn’t read anything, didn’t blog, didn’t follow the path of Matthew.It felt kind of weird. I did do something card related though.  I sat down with a monster box of Blue Jays and started the long task of sorting them.   I never did this as the cards came in, and I’m regretting it now.   Big time.I did receive a Sportlots order on Friday (a day ahead of schedule, way to go USPS!) filled with Blue Jays.  I managed to knock off half a dozen team sets from the Jays want list, and grabbed a few other singles for the cause.Here’s the first 3 sets that are gone.  2006 Updates and Highlights was just missing Casey Janssen.  2006 SP Authentic was waiting on B.J. Ryan for completion.  1994 Triple Play now has Ed Sprague and can say it is complete. The goal is to knock off a lot of these 1 and 2 card want lists over the next little while.  Try and make the want list a little less daunting (for lack of a better word).3 more 90’s style sets were removed.  How I never finished the ’95 Collectors Choice team set, I’ll never know.  Heaven knows I bought enough of the cards to probably finish a bunch of sets.  I only needed 2 of the ’92 Donruss Studio cards, and I liked the Kelly Gruber card more than I liked Dave Winfield balancing a baseball on the tips of his fingers.  ’92 Stadium Club is another set that was a long time coming, only needing part timer Derek Bell and bullpen lefty Bob MacDonald to finish it up.Moving on to some sets that I didn’t finish, but managed to put a dent into.  1994 Leaf Limited was one, I still need 3 to finish it up.  I like the look of the cards together like this on the scan, it looks as if one card flows into the next one. Now 1994 Finest is another story.  There’s still 7 more cards out there that I need to finish the set.  I just noticed that Devon White is sliding his hand up the bat to bunt, I missed that before.  For a guy that only played in parts of the ’93 and ’94 seasons, Rob Butler has a lot of cards.  I guess that’s how companies rolled back then, load up on prospects even if they weren’t going to make a dent…Fast forward a decade and 3 years to 2007 and the A&G set.  Great looking cards, sadly I made the mistake of not getting all 4 that I needed.  I am now looking for card #349, the SP of Jesse Litsch.  Ugh.Lastly, 3 more sets that I chipped away at.  They all just happened to have Juan Guzman on the want list.  The Topps card on the left is actually the Cyberstats version, of which there are 8 more needed.  ’95 Finest is a nice looking set, I also need 8 of those.  I’m sensing a pattern here.  I’ll break up that alleged pattern by saying that the ’96 Collectors Choice Blue Jays team set is down to 2 cards. Sitting down and looking at all the Jays I bought this past week (40), I realize that I’m going to need more than a day off to get everything in order, Jays collection and otherwise.  It’s going to take a few days here and there away from the distraction of the computer to get things accomplished.  That’s going to be tough.  thanks for reading, Robert

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