A few odds and ends to show off

I originally had planned to post this on Christmas Day, but unfortunately this year I was busier than normal, and my travels took me to places that didn’t allow time for posting.  So instead, 2 days later we’ll show the few odds and ends I’ve had laying around for a few days/weeks…Gardenhire 462, Ordonez 482One of a handful of sets I’m going to finish in 2017, 2011 Heritage has been a slow burn over the past few months.  The Gardenhire and Ordonez cards above were part of my Black Friday purchase from COMC, and leave me with just 5 cards left to finish the set, including the overpriced (in my opinion) Justin Verlander card.   If Kate Upton was naked on the card with him, I’d pay the $12. 2007 McDonald’s PC1I got a nice little package from Dave at the Wax Stain Rookie blog just before Christmas, which included this beauty of a Sakic card which I had never seen previously until it arrived in my mailbox.  Dave’s envelope also included some more Sakic’s, along with a few Maple Leafs that I’d also never seen before.  I have to get off my ass and get some Devils cards his way…Optic and ChromeA couple of more McCutchen’s for that PC came with the Black Friday order, on the cheap of course.   I had never owned one of the Donruss Optic cards before, but I don’t mind the Diamond Kings version of McCutchen on the left.  It’s a very high gloss card, and the artwork is well done, logo or no logo.  The Topps Chrome on the right is the refractor version, and was also obtained at a reasonable price.86/99Both of the Blue Jays cards above came courtesy of Jim from GCRL fame; the Lawrie is the foil version, needed for the PC.  The Encarnacion is the mini version, serial numbered 86/99 and came in a mini top loader, something that I haven’t seen before as well.  I really need to get out more.Jim also sent me this card below, which was the highlight of the package for me.89-90 PaniniA lot of the earlier Sakic stuff I need for my PC are the stickers from Panini and other various companies.  This features him in his rookie season, wearing the #88 jersey that he only had for that year.  Check it out, no glove on the left hand, risky playing like that at any time. I also learned this past week that Jim started a new blog back in September called cards as i see them.  I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for new posts there…I hope that everyone had a super holiday, and is getting ready for a prosperous 2017.Thanks for reading, Robert 

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