A little taste of Heritage

Pretty much everyone likes the ’67 set, right?   I hope to one day add it to the list of vintage sets I own for my collection.Knowing this, I had to at least dip my toes in the water that we call Heritage.  I really don’t mind the cards at all, I just don’t think that this set will be on my collecting radar for this year.I bought a rack pack and a hangar box (?) just to see, and the decision to buy the rack pack was made easy because I could see “Blue Jays” through the wrapper.  The Ben Revere card you see on the first scan here was the card that I found…A nice start to the Heritage Jays team set with 3 of the base cards featured here.  There are 22 total cards for the Jays, including 3 SPs that all feature variations (ugh).  Kudos to Topps for making them the three stars of the team as well so that the cards will be easy to find on the cheap.The Fielder is a refractor #’d 142/567.  The Frazier is the only SP that I pulled.  The then and now and new age performers inserts are back again, and I’m sure that there’s someone out there that is interested in those.  The Schwarber pop up is an interesting pull, but that along with the other cards on this scan are up for trade.I actually have 52 cards total for trade (including the 5 above).  I’ll be hunting for people that are in need of base cards for their team collections or set builds.   If you have a want list up, let me know, I’ll take a look and see what I have to send your way.My favorite card so far?  Jeff Locke.   The look on his face in priceless…Someone should do a caption this photo contest with this card…Let’s get these 52 cards out of here. 6,22,24,31,33,43,44,46,55,64,65,100,102,114,116,133,134,143,176,192,194,196,216,219,225,229,244,246,251,256,272,279,293,335,338,339,340,341,343,350,355,360,390,397,398,407,413,472TAN-KV, NAP-MSC, THC-433, Pop-Ups 13of15thanks for reading, Robert

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