AMD APU platform Hondo will only support Windows 8, will not run Android

In a recent interview with The Inquirer, vice president responsible for the low power consumption products at AMD, Steve Belt, said microprocessor platform Hondo that upcoming company will only Windows 8 support only. AMD revealed that at least for now, the company has not yet designed to Hondo can work with Android and “this is a conscious decision.” Under Belts, Windows 8 more TAM (total addressable market – the term used to talk about business opportunities and collect money for a product or service), the company will invest in this operating system.   The vice president said, adding that “We do not want to venture into other markets, the current Windows 8 is a good starting point. In the long run, we may study to Android, and now the Our focus for Windows 8. ” AMD is targeting the Windows 8 tablet in hopes of capturing 15% to 20% market share. If firms do so, is truly a welcome thing because AMD enters tablet market relatively late compared to his opponent as Intel or ARM.   Series APU (CPU with integrated graphics processor) “Hondo” is an attempt by AMD to step into the tablet market because it can be used on thin-light devices. Low power consumption (

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