An artist, I am not

Over the last few months, even though I’m not writing as much as I used to here, I am still thinking about other collectors when I pull something halfway decent out of a pack, or something that I know someone else might like.I sent an envelope of Royals cards to Josh of the Royals and Randoms blog, and he responded in kind with a PWE featuring a couple of Blue Jays cards that were cool to me.If you’ve paid any attention to this blog over the past 5 years, you know that I’m a sucker for serial numbered parallels.  This brown framed paper parallel from ’15 GQ featuring Jose Reyes is a nice add to the Jays collection.  It is #’d 52/499. I’d love to see Reyes get another shot at a job in the majors with the Mets. Thank goodness that Josh put a note in the envelope telling me who this is, because I wouldn’t have recognized it right away.  This is a sketch card of Paul Molitor, whom I didn’t recognize at first, but when I read the note I said, “OK, I see it now”. It’s certainly a helluva lot better than anything I could sketch for sure.  Both cards are great additions to the Jays collection.Thank you Josh for the envelope, it’s greatly appreciated!!  I have some more cards coming your way sometime soon.thanks for reading, Robert

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