Apple iPod Nano 7G and iPod Touch 5G Specs, Review, Price and Availibility

Apple on its main iPhone 5 event held on 12th September, 2012 has announced its next generation iPod Media Players devices with some hardware and software upgrades and named its 5th Generation iPod Touch and 7th Generation iPod Nano with some advanced features and specs. Apple has introduced a revamp version of iPod Media Players with big screens and redesigned models with colorful outfit. The Apple iPod Nano gets the biggest change as compare to its previous small and square model with a video support and a taller version with a 2.5 inch video screen. The all new iPod Nano is almost 40 percent thinner than the its previous sixth generation iPod Nano. It is even much thinner as compare to iPhone 5 and has only 5.4mm thickness. It can not only play music and video (in widescreen) but it also has an FM tuner, Bluetooth wireless and more, the amazing thing is that it even got a small home button. iPod Nano comes in eight colorful models. Apple iPod Nano has play, pause and even the volume controllers on the sides of the iPod Nano device. Users can even browse the photos and videos on 7th Generation of iPod Nano and it also has the smaller dock same as that of iPhone 5, it has also get the ability of Multi-touch and tasking. Apple iPod Nano will be shipped with the all new Apple “EarPods” (the most advanced audio media device with ease of comfort and streaming).Read Full Story »»

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