By the page: Carlos Delgado

I have a mountain (OK maybe a small hill) of Carlos Delgado cards that need to be put into pages. So much so that it should be easy to get a few pages of cards together for him to display on the blog.Let’s knock out the first 9, shall we?Top row:  Vintage styleHow easy was it for me to put together this row?  A real no-brainer.  I especially like the ’55 Bowman knock off in the center.Middle row:  ShinyA nice contrast to the vintage in the first row, the shiny cards in the center are more representative of the era that Delgado played in.  I especially like how the HoloGrafX card on the right turned out on the scan.  Every Skybox Metal card that I’ve ever scanned has come out real dark…has anyone had any luck getting a good scan on any of those?Bottom row:  Baby face If Carlos didn’t have a mustache on a couple of these cards, I would have said he wasn’t old enough to shave.  It’s amazing how thin he was on that Upper Deck Top Prospect card.  Carlos really bulked up as his career went on.. A happy accident that the horizontal cards appeared in the spots that they did (kind of a triangle).  I have another 6 or 7 pages worth of Delgado cards on my desk, and probably more in the monster box sitting in the closet.  Time to get working on putting cards into binders…thanks for reading, Robert

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