By the page: R.A. Dickey

Lost in all the pitching talk surrounding the Blue Jays in the off-season was R.A. Dickey.  With Buehrle retiring, Price moving to Boston, the J.A. Happ signing and all the talk about the younger pitchers, R.A. Dickey and his knuckleball come to spring training totally under the radar.I’m hoping that he has one more good season left in his arm to help get the Jays to another post season this year.I managed to find a page worth of cards to hopefully entertain you for a few minutes.Top row:  Regular shinyI thought about putting the Topps Tribute card in between the 2 Prizm cards, but in the end I believe the row looks better with the non-licensed cards together.Hard to believe that 2016 is already going to be Dickey’s 4th as a Blue Jay.  Middle row:  Shiny with some colorAligned the blue Tribute (#’d 8/99) with its mate above it, just because I thought it was best.  The Orange 2013 Chrome is the only horizontal card on the page, so I figured why not in the center?  I also just noticed that the Chrome photo of R.A. is different than the base.   A good thing!Yes, I know that the Topps gold on the right isn’t shiny…Bottom row: The base cardsIt’s funny that I seem to notice things on cards more after I’ve scanned them and started writing.  The majority of cards featuring knuckleballers show them with the knuckleball grip.  Check out the Gypsy Queen on the right, that’s definitely not a knuckleball grip. No jokes about Dickey being old enough to have actually been a part of the ’57 set….I thought after 3 seasons in Toronto I might have more R.A. Dickey cards, but I struggled to find 9 cards to fill a page. No doubt next week when I’m looking for someone else, I’ll find a whole cache of R.A.’s cards.  That’s just the way it is, right?Thanks for reading, Robert

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