This coming Friday it will be already 6 weeks since I moved into my new house.  More and more as the past couple of weeks have progressed, I feel comfortable in my new surroundings.  The wife and I are getting into a routine about the household chores, and making plans on how to furnish/decorate the new abode.God bless her, the 3rd bedroom is going to be my den.  I have to figure out how to create a space in the house for her craft area in return (which I’ve pretty much figured out), but it’s a small price to pay to have my own space.  It’s nice to be able to “spread out” with my card collection and start posting again on a regular basis.You may or may not have noticed that this will be my 5th straight day posting; I’m slowly getting back to the old days where I was posting on a regular basis about one crazy thing or another.  Today’s post is a mish mash of cards that I’ve found recently that I thought semi interesting.I bought this half a dozen Mike Schmidt cards many many years ago.  Right now, I think that someone else will likely give them a better home.  Do you want them?  Post in the comments, and we’ll work something out.   Who knows?  Maybe I’ll just send them to you.I found this set of ’85 Blue Jays fire safety cards while going through everything in my collection over the past few weeks.  The card stock is flimsy compared to the sets that were released in the 80’s, but these were cool to find and reminded me that sometime soon I really need to go through my Blue Jays collection again and get them organized (a la Nachos Grande and his organizational project going on). I’m even comfortable in sneaking in the final 3 cards for the serial #’d hockey set that I bought off of COMC into this post.I can see where the Artifacts sets are going to be my weakness for this frankenset.  Especially if they have colors such as the sapphire parallel of Corey Perry you see on the left.  Shameful, yes I know. I even found 5 more ’90 Leaf cards towards that set, including a Dodger player you may have heard of…This card brings images of the HR he hit off of Dennis Eckersley in the World Series.  It also reminds me of the contest going on right now at Night Owl Cards.  If you want to have a one in a million chance of winning something great (or close to a million for all the entries there are, lol), click the link and wish the Owl a happy 8th blogoversary.That was a pretty comfortable post, wouldn’t you agree?thanks for reading, Robert

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