Expert: iPhone rival BlackBerry security features

The information below certainly is not what Thorstein Heins CEO of RIM wants to read while sitting on the desk today. According to a recent TechRepublic article, many analysts and information technology executives of the company said the iPhone’s enterprise security capabilities were on par with BlackBerry devices. As we all know, the BlackBerry device so far has been known to be the product for enterprise customers, thanks to high security, while the iPhone user to individual users.   News quoted the findings of Trend Micro, which shows the iPhone just behind BlackBerry in terms of enterprise security in general. Moreover, security research director of Trend Micro’s Rik Ferguson said, adding that Apple is regularly incorporates new security features to the iPhone in recent years. According to Rik, the iPhone now has “enough to threaten the competitive advantage inherent RIM’s BlackBerry OS in particular and in general.”   Above is the study of expert, but here are the opinions of John Turner, director of IT of the accounting firm BDO LLP – a unit has decided to use the iPhone for business activities. John said he saw progress on the security of the iPhone, and now it compete with BlackBerry service. “Security was the main difference between the personal and business market, but these factors have changed over time. Till now I can say that it was gone,” said John. He stressed that the crux of the problem lies in the development of the mobile device management platform of third parties, to help reduce and eliminate the gap between Apple and RIM platforms.   John said he had no reason to refuse the request of the employees used their favorite mobile platform in the company.   Source: TechRepublic

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