First envelope for the new house

One of the biggest supporters, and author of one of my favorite blogs, AJ of the Lost Collector blog, sent me a message on twitter asking for my new address.  Gracious as always, he had a few cards for the Jays collection to break in the new place.The PWE arrived yesterday with some cards that I probably never would have seen otherwise if it wasn’t for AJ’s generosity.If the Jays make it back to the postseason this year, it will largely be because of the offensive contributions of Encarnacion and Donaldson (MVP again?).  Bautista has been hurt a lot this season, and frankly I won’t be all that upset to see him walk after this season if he holds on to the contract demands that he spoke of earlier in the season.Not to be overlooked, but Martin and Tulowitzki have been significant contributors as well, especially Tulo’s defense at short which has been tremendous. The Topps Bunt cards aren’t that bad to be honest.  It’s a set that I probably would not have invested in, but I like the photos, and the logo in the background doesn’t dominate the card.Topps Chrome is another set that I don’t see myself buying any packs of this year, so these two Tulowitzki cards are most certainly welcome here in my house.   Until last week, I hadn’t purchased a card at all since the middle of July, largely focused on the impending move, the move itself, and the time I’ve spent making the new house inhabitable.  My reward for all the work was putting a few bucks into my COMC account and picking up a few cards, some of which will knock down the long neglected ’64 Topps want list!AJ also included a note expressing concern that he was adding to a collection that I’m trying to reduce.  Rest assured, the Blue Jays collection isn’t something that I’m looking to pare down!!AJ, thank you for the cards, they are appreciated!  Thanks for breaking in the new house.thanks for reading, Robert

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