Google formally acquired Nik Software – application development company Snapseed photo editing

Recently Google has officially confirmed the acquisition of Nik Software – German company specializing in the development of image-editing application for Mac, Windows and iOS. This information has been senior vice president in charge of Google’s technical development and also the leader of Google+, Vic Gundotra, recently spoke acknowledged through his blog. He added that Google+ reached the milestone of 400 million registered users, with 100 million registered participants per month, though it was too early but this time to social networks should consider looking for a chance to compete with Facebook, but first of all in the field of photo sharing. First, the development team Snapseed will move the headquarters of Google to work directly on Google+.   Nik Software has previously released some photo editing software for Mac, Windows, iOS, such as Color Efex Pro or Dfine, however new Snapseed application is a success for the company. This is the “application of 2011 on the iPad” by Apple voted, Snapseed quickly reached the landmark 9 million users after one year of launch. If Snapseed dedicated to those who frequent photo editing and more interested in the details, such as white balance, color saturation, adjust the size, Instagram with their strengths are shared on the network Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter with lightning speed, stability and bandwidth savings.   This is seen as a move by Google to catch up in the field of social network Facebook, as well as photo editing applications on mobile. It is not clear whether Google is doing the same thing as Facebook with Instagram not: it was to Snapseed developed independently and receive support from a team of engineers and a solid infrastructure of U.S. technology group.   Snapseed is currently sold in three versions for Windows, Mac and iOS ($ 4.99). Android is being developed and will soon appear on Google Play in the future.   By Nik Software

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