Happy Accident

I spend some of my weekend mornings going through eBay looking over cards of my PCs that I can’t have.  You know, wishing.I came across on auction this past weekend for what I deemed to be a pretty sweet Joe Sakic card that was ending in a few hours.It was at 99 cents when I bid, and I knew that if I saw this card at a show it would probably run $20-$30.  So, on a lark, I put an $8 bid on it.  This in my mind at least would help fetch a more reasonable price for the seller.  When I completed the bid, I was winning at $5.12 with about 8 hours to go.   I promptly forgot about it until I checked my email the next morning.Winner winner, chicken dinnerDual jersey patch card of Joe Sakic!  Emerald parallel #’d 20/25.  Just over $8 shipped and I have a great card for my collection.This is definitely a happy accident.  A few more of these wouldn’t hurt…thanks for reading, Robert

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