Harvest Landscape offline Practice (astronomy) 09/19/2012

As previously announced, the offline landscape – Astronomers took place right planning, forecasting of hydrometeorological center is rain in the afternoon and evening, but fortunately the sun … MORE clouds obscuring the moon and stars, but no rain. At least a very favorable conditions for group digital photography Essence. Dr. Bar present at 5h08 minutes at the site. Then a few minutes, Mr. Minh and his colleagues also and then the South Bull bear     No moon, no stars for many clouds, but no rain was a huge success. However, the sunset with the clouds way quite nice very convenient for the exposure     There was a double rainbow in the distance, but the background … a bit bored     Small bridge “lays” with 30 + brothers Tinhte     In general, the offline success, almost brothers also 1 sheet exposure classics “on hanging fb     Invite you to post the picture fully agree, the scenes in this topic   BTC we do not put the telescope as intended for you to point and shoot. The reason the weather is not suitable. So, on to the subject exposed nights attractive. Hope other occasions more fun!

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