Holiday greetings that come in a can

First off, I hope that my video post from the other day hasn’t scared anyone off.  Like I mentioned, it’s something that I wanted to do for a while, and now that I’ve figured out the basics, I’m hoping to do a video post maybe once a month, because sometimes running my mouth is a lot easier than typing!!Anyhow, folks around the blogosphere likely have come across the giveaway from Dennis at the Too Many Verlanders blog.   There was only one thing that I really wanted on there, and that was the Pinnacle can that featured Mats Sundin of the Maple Leafs.  (Item #91 if you’re interested in seeing the actual can)Dennis, being the ingenious fellow that he is, sent me the can with a few goodies inside.  Why waste extra packaging, right?  Dennis was a big contributor to the baseball version of SNI, and I’m sure that he saw the hockey project come by and figured he had to get in on the action as well.His first six pack of cards were fantastic for me, because they featured sets/cards that I hadn’t seen before…The Bowman Young Stars cards on the left of Kristian Huselius is something that I hadn’t seen before.  Unfortunately, I had already added serial #4 to the set recently, so I’m going to have to find a home for that card.  The OPC red parallel of Rusty Klesla, and the SP Authentic of Phil Esposito on the right both will find a home in the set as I didn’t have #’s 42 and 46 before now.  Another aspect that I’m discovering with the SNI hockey  version is I’m finding more veterans and legends for the set, compared to the baseball version.   I have both of the Esposito brothers in the set now, and it will not  upset me to find more greats of the game for the set.Next up, there’s 3 more cards that fit in nicely.  Pascal Dupuis retired last year after developing blood clot issues.  It was good to see him go out as part of the Penguins Cup champion team however.  Saku Koivu overcame cancer to have a solid career of over 1100 games with the Canadiens and Ducks.  I can easily say right now that the Zdeno Chara card on the right will represent the tallest player in the set at 6’9″.  If I manage to find a serial #’d card of Darren Pang at 5’5″, he will easily be the shortest.Dennis has also sent me a couple of Blue Jays oddballs in the past, and this phone card of Shawn Green fits in that categoryI’ll have to get the paper off the back and see if the card works…A fantastic holiday lot indeed from Dennis, thank you very much, the cards are appreciated!!Thanks for reading, Robert

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