How Do People Find My Blog, Part 7

It’s been a year since my last installment of How Do People Find My Blog. Sometimes, it’s quite interesting, and even a bit confusing! So, sit back and laugh at some of the searches that have brought people to 2 Kids and Tired favorite winter activity…staying inside, preferably with a fireplace, a blanket and a book.tired of books…I may get tired of reviewing, but I never get tired of books. alcatraz sayings…ask our children and they will tell you our favorite is Rule #5. “You are entitled to food, clothing, shelter and medical attention. Anything else you get is a privilege.”organ harvest…I hate the word “harvest” because it is used in connection with illegal organ acquisition. I prefer that people honestly donate their organs. Save lives. Declare yourself a donor. Talk to your family about doing the same. Ciaran Hinds…Sigh…christian motto…You’ll find lots of happy, sweet and spiritual christian mottos out there. I even have a few I like. But, I stand by our family motto which is from Alcatraz Rule #5.medieval family mottos…Traditionally an ancient family motto was the war cry. Go figure. The Kennedy family comes from Scotland and the Kennedy Clan motto is: Avis La Fin, which means Consider the End.Michelangelo guest house Florence…This is a B&B in Florence, Italy. Haven’t stayed there, so I can’t give a recommendation. Photos online are lovely though.brandon mull book signing…Brandon’s book signings are awesome. I took The Boy several years ago to a book signing at Barnes and Noble. Brandon spoke to the group in general and then signed every single thing a fan put in front of him. He talked with people, took photos and was absolutely a gentleman. He made sure that everyone knew that he would stay until he had seen the last person. It was a fantastic experience. Love him.Papa Married a Mormon…My grandmother had this book on her shelf and it was one of my favorites. I loved reading it. It’s semi-autobiographical and written by John D. Fitzgerald of the Great Brain fame. It’s a somewhat fictionalized family history of his family life growing up in rural Utah.  His mother was Mormon and his father Catholic. Neither one ever converted to the others’ faith. He tells the story of their courtship and how he and his siblings were raised. The book is full of humorous tales of childhood adventure, tumultuous relationships and love and forgiveness. There are stories of conflicts between the Mormons and others, but there is also an underlying thread of how to resolve differences and get along. It’s awesome.Captain America Civil War review…loved it, but it really should have been Avengers: Civil War, not Captain America. It was more of an Avengers movie than anything. I will admit to loving Tom Holland’s Spiderman and I am not a Spiderman fan.neonatal nurse…I love neonatal nurses. They are my heroes. You can read about our NICU experience here. Before We Go sequel…Man, oh man, do I wish there was a sequel. The ending was appropriate, but I want to know what Nick wrote on the card and I want Brooke to return to New York.What is plagiarism?…Are you serious? Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and passing it off as your own. Don’t do it. Ever.Is S.E. Hinton still alive?.. Yes. Yes, she is. She even tweets. tired woman…Welcome to the club, sweetie.manhattan clam chowder…No, New England Clam Chowder. Totally my favorite. I’m currently wishing that Panera delivered.Rosamund Du Jardin books…Oh, they’re the best. Still my favorites after all these years. You can read about my experience finding copies to purchase in this post.What about you? Do you know how people find your blog?You can see other installments of How do People Find My Blog here: Part 6, Part 5, Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, Part 1.©Holly B. of 2 Kids and Tired Books 2007-2014 All rights reserved. If you’re reading this on a site other than 2 Kids and Tired Books or 2 Kids and Tired Books Feed, be aware that this post has been stolen and is used without permission.

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