How'd he know?

I developed a good relationship with some bloggers over the years.  You know how it is, you just get comfortable enough with someone that you see a few cards that you think they might like, pop them in a PWE and send them off, no questions asked. Thankfully, I have that kind of kinship with AJ from The Lost Collector blog.  I pulled open the mailbox door yesterday to find the latest PWE installment from AJ, filled with cards from recent releases.Horizontal Blue Jays from Series 2 and the Update set.  How’d he know I didn’t have these?More Jays goodness from Update and Series 2.  I never created a want list for either release, can AJ read my mind?Archives, Donruss and GQ mini.  Again, no want lists there.  I haven’t lit any fires at the new house, so I know I’m not sending smoke signals telling AJ what I need…My guess is, he’s just that damn good.This PWE also reminds me that I’m slacking on getting my entire Jays collection in order, a lengthy task that I started a while ago, but have kind of backed away from for the last few weeks. 8 cards, 8 players, chances are only 2 of them are in Jays uniforms come spring training.  I’m hoping EE will sign to make it 3…Thank you AJ!!  A much appreciated envelope to say the least.Thanks for reading, Robert

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