Jimmying up the Jays collection a bit

I received an email from Jimmy a few weeks back following up on the 2016 Topps post that stated my desire to get rid of as many inserts/parallels as I could. Jimmy had a nice chunk of Blue Jays cards to send my way, and how can I say no to that?A nice group of 4 1995 Donruss cards, which may be the first 4 ’95 Donruss cards to come my way.  Still need 8 more Jays to finish off that particular want list. A trio of ’95 Leaf cards came my way from my Jimmy, which reminded me a lot of the Donruss cards above (I actually thought all 7 came from the same set at first).  I only need 3 of these cards to finish off that particular Jays list…Honestly, when I saw these I wondered if I actually needed them.  The 2009 Topps Blue Jays base set is something I thought I had completed long ago.  Turns out I still need 4 more of them.  How can this be?I still need quite a few of the 2015 base set Jays cards.   Goins knocked one of those out.  The other 4 finished off the base needs for the ’15 update set.   The only cards left there are the sparkle/sabermetric variations.   No hurry on those.I’m looking forward to a full season of Tulo and Donaldson on the left hand side of the Jays infield, which might be the best left hand side in all of baseball.  Hopefully they can stay healthy…Jimmy, thank you for the trade, the cards are really appreciated!!thanks for reading, Robert

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