Just set it and forget it

Some of my best card pick ups have been from ebay where I’ve found the card, bid on the auction, and promptly forgot about the card until I get the email notification that I’ve won.This is probably my best win yet.I sat down one evening last week just flipping through ’64 Topps auctions when I came across one for a Phil Niekro RC that said in big bold letters “CREASED”.I looked at it, zoomed it, and it didn’t look bad.  Outside of being “dirty”.  So on a lark I threw down a $16 bid on it, and promptly forgot about it after finding out that I was the high bidder at $13.84.  I figured I would be outbid, and went on my merry way.Mine!!  Phil Niekro finally finds a spot in my ’64 Topps set quest.  I really don’t think that this is a bad card.Even the back of the card is not that bad in my opinion.On another note, for me this card is cool as Phil Roof was part of the Blue Jays in their first year in 1977, for all of 5 ABs.  That was Phil’s last year in the majors at the age of 36.23 cards to go to finish the set.  Still on track to finish by the end of 2016.thanks for reading, Robert

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