Kaz! Kaz! Kaz! Kaz!

A quick break from the Serial Numbered Insanity set tonight to show off some cards that I recently received from Mets blogger Mark from the This Way to the Clubhouse part of the blogosphere.  I sent Mark a few Mets cards and I received a envelope full of Blue Jays goodness.I decided to show a bunch of the cards off in groups of 4, you’ll see why later.2009 Topps black parallels!!  Hadn’t seen any of these in forever.  There was also a 2011 Topps Blue Jays team card in the black parallel form as well.   It didn’t make the cut.Various forms of gold parallels.  In case you were wondering, the Mark DeRosa is the 5th version of that card that I now own.  (Base, gold, yellow, red sparkle, Wal-Mart blue)  I’m sure that there are a few others that still need to be picked up…Four great players that played for various lengths of time in Toronto.  2 of them are in the hall of fame, 1 has the numbers to get in but the reputation to keep him out, and the 4th isn’t eligible for another 2 years, but probably doesn’t have enough numbers to get in.  All 4 made an impression on Blue Jays fans in one way or another.Gustavo Pierre was just converted in the past year from a shortstop to a pitcher.  So far, not so good, in 8 appearances in A ball his ERA is over 10.  J.P. Arencibia started with the Jays, and has bounced around the past few years.  He is now part of the Rays organization.  Justin Jackson is another player that was converted from a position player to a pitcher.  He’s had more success, but is still just at the AA level.  Chris Hawkins never made it past A ball and hasn’t been in MiLB since 2013. Sluggers.  4 of them.  Lind had 146 HR with the Jays.  Carter had 203 HR with the Jays, and the most memorable one ever.  Encarnacion has 220 HR with Toronto, and right now I would resign him before I would resign Bautista.  Delgado has 336 Blue Jays HRs, and is probably their all time best hitter in my opinion.Why the title you may ask?  Well, I’m a big fan of the movie Meatballs with Bill Murray.  If you click the link you’ll go to a YouTube clip of one of the scenes from the movie, featuring a character named Spaz.  Yes, Kaz rhymes with Spaz, but no he doesn’t remind of the character.   Thought maybe one or 2 of you out there could use a laugh.  You’ll notice that when the subtitles come in, Spaz! is there 4 times in each.  Not sure why that is, but I made it fit the post (or at least tried to)…Thank you for the cards Mark, they are greatly appreciated!!Thanks for reading, Robert

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