Moving sucks

For 5 days, computers and blogging was an absolute afterthought.  Between Friday of last week and Tuesday of this week, my only thoughts were gathering up my stuff, loading it onto a truck, carting it to a new home, and getting it off the truck.Now all I have to do is sort out where it all goes. Speaking of sorting, that may be the project I have for the foreseeable future as far as my collection goes.  With the new house comes increased financial responsibilities, which may turn the $30 a week budget into the $30 a month budget.  I may end up turning to selling some of my excess on COMC or Sportlots in order to finance my card purchases.For now, let’s get back into the swing of posting, shall we?  My favorite blogger and trading partner, the Night Owl, sent me an envelope of great stuff to sort of break in the new home (well not really, I’m just making it so).First off, a couple of requested cards.  The Jose Fernandez brings me down to just two of the Starting Points cards from last years A&G that are needed.  The McCutchen goes into the PC to build that up a little more…5 more cards to knock off the eternal Blue Jays want list.  I get a kick out of Carlos Delgado cards featuring him as a catcher.Some new stuff that wasn’t on any want list, but was still new to me and needed.  Love the Tony Fernandez and Edwin Encarnacion cards.  Someone help me out, is the Josh Donaldson card from this year’s Heritage?  I have no idea.I was never a big fan of the Classic sets, but these two cards were needed, and will have to be cataloged when I start going through all the Blue Jays cards I own again.  I’ve fallen so far behind with my spreadsheet I’ve decided I’m going to take the time and redo the whole damn thing.   That’ll keep me busy!A couple of cards that were previously on want lists, but have long since been removed.  The Kyle Phillips may be one of the best Blue Jays cards that I own, and I am sure that I’ve received so many from the blogosphere that I could probably fill a 9 pocket page.  I’ll get back to you on that…As usual, our envelopes contain some kind of vintage cards towards sets, and this envelope was no different.  The Luis Aparicio was a welcome sight, and the crease in the upper left doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to me, I was extremely happy to see this inside!A well loved ’59 Topps LA Dodgers team photo was the piece de resistance of the envelope.  No, I didn’t hold a gun to N.O.’s head or threaten him with incriminating photos, he voluntarily sent this my way.  ( I hope he has a copy for himself…wait a minute, I’m sure he does)Another fantastic envelope, thank you very much Greg!!thanks for reading, Robert

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