If this post were a library book, I’d owe a couple $$ in late fees.  About a week or so ago, I received an envelope from the Night Owl full of Blue Jays that prompted me to get some new want lists on the never ending Blue Jays page.  How many times have Greg and I swapped cards back and forth?  His is the only website URL that I have memorized…Will always remember the summer that Olerud flirted with .400Love when cards show players signing for the fans!!Many people have showed their enthusiasm over Stadium Club, and these cards showed me why.  Great photos, inclusion of some great Jays from the past (Alomar and Olerud) and solid card stock remind me of why Stadium Club was so great when it first started in the early 90’s, and remains solid to this day.I had picked up a couple of rack packs of Opening Day a few weeks ago, but didn’t bother saying much about them.  Greg added a couple of Jays to the trio I pulled out of the packs.  Now there’s a want list up for 2016 OD.Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday that the term “liquorfractor” was coined in the blogosphere?  Can you believe it’s been almost 5 years since these came out?  I still need quite a few of these, but now I need 2 fewer from the Update series because of this package.  I never knew much about the Co-Signers releases until a couple of years ago, but I liked the idea.  The Burnett/Overbay bronze parallel is numbered 139/150, and is a great add to the Jays collection.If I had collected back in the 90’s the way I do today, Shawn Green probably would have been one of my PCs.  I really liked him as a player, and was very disappointed when he went to the Dodgers.  This Donruss Silver Press Proof is a pseudo numbered card, as the back says this is 1 of 1500.Finally, Greg sent me a card that has been on his blog for what seems to be ages.  It kind of surprised me to see it when I opened the envelope…2009 OPC black bordered parallel of Roy Halladay!  Glad to have this beauty in the collection.  2009 OPC was probably my favorite set to build when I first started blogging a few years ago, and seeing Blue Jays come my way from that set always puts a smile on my face. Great stuff Greg, as usual.   Thank you very much, the cards were really appreciated!!thanks for reading, Robert

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