Panic.  That’s the one word that best describes my condition on Friday night.  As I have mentioned previously, I’ve taken to touching each card that I have in my collection, trying to thin out some cards that I don’t want or need, and also to get some cards more organized and easier to find. Well, on Friday evening I started to clean piles of cards from my desk, because I’m making an attempt to have my desk a lot less cluttered than what it was up north.   About 11PM I came across a small pile that the Night Owl sent me a few weeks back, and I set about putting away the Blue Jays, etc.I then came across this card…I think to myself “boy, I haven’t seen my ’62 Topps cards, let alone my ’68s since I moved in.”The search began. I tore through my entire card closet (yes, an entire closet devoted to cards).  Looked through every monster box, shoe box, and smaller set boxes.   Nothing.Go to my bedroom, where there’s an overflow of set boxes and other miscellany that I haven’t gotten to yet. Shit, not there either.I’ve gone through every box I can see, and I can’t find them.  Now pure panic mode sets in, because I have about 200 from each set, and that would truly SUCK if I lost them in the move.I go to bed about 1230 Friday night/Saturday morning a bit upset, thinking that these cards have just vanished. Move forward to Saturday afternoon.  I’ve done a couple of loads of laundry (yes, real men do laundry) and I start to hang some of my work clothes in my closet.  I move some of my shirts aside, and what do my eyes see, but several boxes of cards hiding behind those shirts that I hadn’t looked through the night before. I open the first box, and these are the first cards I see…My stash of 67’s.  Along with ’69, ’72 and ’74 Topps.  Not exactly what I’m looking for, but seeing these reminded me that I hadn’t come across these in the previous nights search as well.The very next box to it—PAYDIRT!!I recounted this very same story to my wife on Saturday, and naturally she comes up with one of her pearls of wisdom.It’s amazing what you find when you stop looking.  Truer words hadn’t been spoken in front of me that day.I can only imagine the heartbreak I would have encountered had I lost those 2 boxes of cards forever.  What would I have done?  It would have been too damn expensive and time consuming to start over.I probably would have had to resort to something newer, like Topps Now.If Tony L. endorses them, who am I to say no??On 2nd thought…phew, am I ever glad I found them.thanks for reading, Robert

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