Pick, pick, pick

I kind of feel bad when I see a note inside an envelope sent to me that apologizes for the fact that there weren’t more cards.The way I look at it is, somebody sent me cards!  There were 7 in the envelope I received today, but they all picked off a piece of a want list.Let’s have a look at what Tony from the Off Hiatus Blog sent me.Knock off 2 cards from the ’14 A&G want list.  I had to look twice at the Halladay card to make sure it was from 2014.  Dig the fact that he was pictured in the old style Jays uniform and hat.  No airbrushing here…I think Upper Deck printed about 980 million cards in 1991, so I’m wondering how before today I still needed 2 cards to finish the Blue Jays team set from that year.  Kenny Williams, #89, is the only card remaining to finally put this team set to bed.Kevin Pillar is the final card of my 2014 Topps Blue Jays want list to be removed.  Only 28 walks in 628 plate appearances is the one thing I’d like to see Kevin improve upon this year.   With his speed, I can see him stealing 40+ base with an increase in his OBP.Not a whole lot can be said about Triple Play, but at least there’s one more of these off the want list.Now after a weekend of picking up some nice ’59 Topps cards, these two remind me of how older cards normally look after 55+ years.  The Harvey Kuenn was a need, so that was picked off of the list.   I have to check and see if the Hitters Foes is an upgrade from my current copy.Only 7 cards total, but they sure packed a punch.  Thank you very much for the cards Tony, they are appreciated!!thanks for reading, Robert

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