Seeing double–Serial Insanity page #5

All I have to say is thank goodness for electronic signatures.  I signed another batch of paperwork tonight as the process of purchasing a home continues for me and the better half.  The documents that we were sent today totaled 71 pages, and by having them signed electronically was a great way to save paper.Sadly, the way these electronic document signing programs work now, I could have easily signed something twice and may never know about it.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t, but when you do things electronically, skim reading becomes the norm.Speaking of seeing double, page #5 is the first one that features the same player on two different cards.Current Pirates pitcher Francisco Liriano is featured twice in this post, both cards showing him as a member of the Twins.  At least they’re from 2 different sets.Here’s page #5, enjoy!#37: Francisco Liriano, 2010 Bowman Chrome blue refractor #37/150.  Courtesy of the I collect ball cards blog (closed, I believe).  Minnesota card #2#38:  Dan Uggla, 2011 Topps Sepia parallel #38/99.  I believe that I got this at a card show back in PA.  Atlanta card #5#39:  Curt Schilling, 2007 Topps 52 chrome #39/1952.  Picked up at a card show in PA.  Baltimore card #2.#40:  Willie Bloomquist, 2011 Topps Update black parallel #40/60.  Courtesy of Ryan from the This Card is Cool blog.  Arizona card #4.#41:  J.J. Hardy, 2012 Bowman blue parallel #41/500.  Courtesy of Dennis from the Too Many Verlanders blog.  Baltimore card #3.#42:  Jimmy Paredes, 2012 Topps mini gold parallel #42/61.  Courtesy of Chuck at the Lifetime Topps Project blog.  Houston card #1#43:  Kevin Rivers, 2011 Bowman Chrome purple refractor #43/700.  Courtesy of Weston at the Fantastic Catch blog.  Seattle card #3#44:  Matt Antonelli, 2009 Bowman blue parallel #44/500.  Courtesy of Brian from the Play at the Plate blog.  San Diego card #4.#45:  Francisco Liriano, 2011 Topps Chrome blue refractor #45/99.    Picked up at a card show in PA.Minnesota card #3.  Houston gets on the board with their first card, leaving 9 teams that haven’t been represented yet.  Atlanta is now the only team that has an average of a card per page, which can’t last forever… You’ve also seen an early pattern of SNI greatness from two big supporters of the project, Brian from PATP and Dennis from TMV.  The final count between these two gentlemen reaches 130 cards total, so get used to seeing their names.  4 posts in 5 days.   Hopefully I can keep this going for a while…thanks for reading, Robert

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