Serial Saturday #10: Back on track

What a week.  Feeling great, long holiday weekend to enjoy some time off of work after a busy holiday schedule and then Monday rolls around.   Get out of bed, start coughing.   Don’t think much of it, because I feel well enough to get out with the missus and do some errands. Later in the evening, it starts to hit me.   Maybe the worst cold I’ve had in the past couple of decades.   I don’t normally miss 3 straight days of work when I get sick (it’s usually one), but this was so bad and wiped me out so much that I couldn’t even keep my eyes open most of the week. I didn’t even look at cards for 4 days.   Yep, it was that bad.So now that I’m almost a fully functional human being again, it’s time to get posting.  Today’s post is going to cut the “Doug pile” of serial numbered hockey cards on my desk in half. A trio of cards from the 2014-15 Artifacts set, the red parallels of Brent Seabrook, Corban Knight and Matt Lindblad.  The red on the Chicago red to me looks good, but for some reason I don’t get the same feel on the Calgary red.   I’m sure it’s the same shade of red, so what gives? Knight is currently a part of the Florida Panthers organization, playing in 20 games for them last year (Why don’t I remember him?).  Lindblad has played a total of 4 games for Boston, and hasn’t seen the NHL since 2014-15.   He was signed as a free agent by the Rangers in July of 2015, but Hockey doesn’t have any stats on him after the signing…A little more star power with this scan, as these 3 cards from the 15-16 Artifacts release feature bigger names such as Nash, Lucic and Couture.  Amazing that Lucic has already changed teams twice since this card came out at the beginning of last year…The Jordan Schroeder card I had mistakenly thought was from last year, it’s actually from 2013-14, when he was still a member of the Canucks.  Jordan is now in Minnesota, and he’s still bouncing between the big club and their minor league affiliate in Iowa. Three of the 4 cards on the final scan are over a decade old.  I had forgotten the name Dan Cloutier until I received the 2002-03 OPC blue parallel in the lower left.  Dan was the #1 goalie at the time, and recorded 3 straight 30+ win seasons on the west coast.  After the 2004-05 season was wiped out, he wasn’t the same, and finished his last 3 seasons as a back up.  Martin Biron creeps me out.  He’s an intelligent man, don’t get me wrong, and I enjoy his analysis on hockey telecasts.   But boy, do those eyes scare me….I’m down to the final 12 cards from the 2 envelopes that Doug sent my way before the holidays.  It’ll be good to have them posted on the blog and put away. It’s just good to be back on track…Thanks for reading, Robert

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