Serial Saturday #2: Hitting the 10% mark

For some crazy reason, I was up at 615 on a Saturday morning.  Not sure why, it’s not like I had anything important or pressing to do today.  I figured while waiting for Hurricane Matthew to hit south Florida, I’d get a post or two done to pass the time.Still a ton of cards to show off for the SNI set, so let’s get another couple of pages shown and see what’s happening.Page 16:Card 136:  Neftali Feliz, 2011 Topps gold #136/2011.  Courtesy of Jeff from 2×3 heroes.  Texas card #3Card 137:  Howie Kendrick, 2010 Topps Chrome purple refractor #137/699.  Courtesy of Henchmeisters Junk Blog.  Los Angeles Angels card #6Card 138:  Bill Hall, 2007 Topps Co-Signers #138/275,  Bought at the 2012 NSCC.  Milwaukee card #2Card 139:  Victor Martinez, 2010 Topps Triple Threads #139/240.  Courtesy of Adam at the Thoughts and Sox blog.  Boston card #4Card 140:  Ryan Spilborghs, 2011 Topps gold #140/2011.  Courtesy of Johnny from Cards from the Quarry.  Colorado card #8Card 141:  Gary Sheffield, 2000 Topps Stadium Club #141/150.  Courtesy of Max from the Starting Nine blog.  Los Angeles Dodgers card #5Card 142:  Eric Hosmer, 2012 Bowman blue #142/500.  Bought at the 2014 NSCC.  Kansas City card #5Card 143:  Roosevelt Brown, 1999 Bowmans Best #143/400.  Courtesy of Max from the Starting Nine blog.  Chicago Cubs card #4Card 144:  Carl Pavano, 2009 Topps Heritage Chrome #144/1960.  Courtesy of Mark from the This way to the Clubhouse blog.  Minnesota card #4A couple of more cards from Max @ the Starting Nine blog bring his personal total to 14 cards submitted, almost 10% of what I’ve displayed.  The 1999 Bowmans Best is the first pre-2000 card to be shown, I’ll be curious to see how many cards are in the set that were made before the turn of the century.Page 17:Card 145:  Albert Pujols, 2007 Topps Moments and Milestones #145/150.  Picked up at a card draft from Cardboard Heaven.  St. Louis card #10Card 146:  Matt Tolbert, 2006 Bowman blue #146/500.  Courtesy of Dennis from the Too Many Verlanders blog.  Minnesota card #5Card 147:  David Genao, 2009 Bowman Chrome refractor #147/299.  Courtesy of Henchmeisters Junk blog.  Tampa Bay card #5Card 148:  Ray Lankford, 2002 Topps Gold Label #148/500.  Courtesy of Marcus from the All the Way to the Backstop blog.  San Diego card #7Card 149:  Curt Schilling, 2006 Topps Finest #149/250.  Purchased at the 2012 NSCC.  Boston card #5Card 150:  Manny Ramirez, 2008 Topps Moments and Milestones #150/150.  Courtesy of Brian from the Play at the Plate blog.  Boston card #6Card 151:  Lars Anderson, 2011 Bowman blue #151/500.  Courtesy of Jeroen from the Dutch Card Guy blog.  Boston card #7Card 152:  Manny Ramirez, 2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #152/400.  Courtesy of Brian from the Play at the Plate blog.  Cleveland card #6Card 153:  Nick Swisher, 2007 Topps Finest #153/399.  Bought at the 2012 NSCC.  Oakland card #7I don’t think you’ll see this again in the set; Boston actually has 3 consecutive cards on a page (#149-151).  Once in a while you will see the same player on a page twice, which happens here with Manny Ramirez.  At least the Ramirez cards are from different sets and teams. St. Louis also becomes the first team to hit double digits, with the Pujols ’07 Moments and Milestones card becoming the 10th card for them.  There’s still a long way to go to hit 1500, but at least there will be a lot of cards to see…thanks for reading, Robert

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