Serial Saturday #3: Two more SNI pages

I’m back after taking a couple of weeks off, well for a lot of different reasons.  Work’s been crazy, still trying to get shit straight with the new house (isn’t that always the way?) and the general lack of time needed to think about and write posts.  I’ve got a few posts lined up for this week, and I’m making a few minor changes to the look of the blog.  Nothing serious, just tidying things up a bit and adding some want lists.Meanwhile, it’s back to getting some more pages for the Serial Numbered Insanity set out there on a Serial Saturday.   Take a look at pages 18 & 19.Card #154:  Alex Wimmers, 2011 Bowman Platinum blue #154/199.  Picked up at a card show.  Minnesota card #6Card #155:  Chase Utley, 2011 Bowman green #155/450.  Acquired via a trade on the Bench website.  Philadelphia card #6Card #156:  Nick Franklin, 2011 Bowman Platinum green #156/500.  Courtesy of Jeroen from the Dutch Card Guy blog.  Seattle card #4Card #157:  Mike Stanton, 2011 Topps gold #157/2011.  Courtesy of Brian from the Play at the Plate blog.  Miami card #6Card #158:  J.P. Arencibia, 2011 Topps Heritage chrome #158/1962.  Courtesy of Adam from the My Cardboard Mistress blog.  Toronto card #5Card #159:  Troy Glaus, 1999 Bowman’s Best #159/3000.  Courtesy of Dennis from the Too Many Verlanders blog.  Los Angeles Angels card #7Card #160:  Mike Sweeney, 2003 Topps Heritage chrome #160/1954.  Acquired via a trade on the Bench website.  Kansas City card #6Card #161:  St. Louis Cardinals team card, 2011 Topps gold #161/2011.  Courtesy of Charlie from the Lifetime Topps blog.  St. Louis card # 11Card #162:  Colby Rasmus, 2011 Topps Chrome atomic refractor #162/225.  Pulled from a pack.  St. Louis card #12The theme of that page?  4 teams hitting their 6th card, unintentionally of course.   A little old school as well, Giancarlo Stanton featured in a card back when he was known as Mike.  Let’s move on to page #19 and see what that holds. Card #163:  Mark Teixeira, 2011 Topps Chrome purple refractor #163/499.  Acquired via a trade on the Bench website.  New York Yankees card #4Card #164:  Danny Duffy, 2011 Topps Finest refractor #164/299.  Courtesy of Ted from the Crinkly Wrappers blog.  Kansas City card #7Card #165:  Maicer Izturis, 2008 Topps Heritage refractor #165/559.  Courtesy of Jason Williams.  Los Angeles Angels card #8Card #166:  Josh Johnson, 2010 Topps Finest refractor #166/299.  Picked up at the 2012 National.  Miami card #7Card #167:  Carlos Beltran, 2008 Topps Heritage chrome #167/1959.  Courtesy of Ted from the Crinkly Wrappers blog.  New York Mets card #4Card #168:  Hanley Ramirez, 2008 Topps Triple Threads #168/525.  Picked up at the 2012 National.Miami card #8 Card #169:  Joe Panik, 2011 Bowman Draft picks and prospects #169/499. Courtesy of Kyle from the Just a bit Outside blog.  San Francisco card #4Card #170:  Rickie Weeks, 2011 Bowman blue #170/500.  Courtesy of Doug from the Sportscards from the Dollar Store blog.  Milwaukee card #3Card #171:  Jody Gerut, 2010 Topps gold #171/2010.  Courtesy of Ted from the Crinkly Wrappers blog.  Milwaukee card #4.Kind of a similar pattern with this page, as 4 teams hit the 4 card mark.  Lots of cards from Ted at the Crinkly Wrappers blog; he wound up contributing 90 of these to the project (thank you Ted!).  The Beltran Mets card?  That was 4 teams ago…Page 20 up next, still a long way to go until we get to the finish line.Thanks for reading, Robert

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