Serial Saturday #6: A quickie

My dog disappearing today for a few hours was not the way I had planned to spend the Saturday without my better half.  Once the little booger was found (6 doors down the block no less), I was wiped out because I had spent the better part of the afternoon driving and walking the neighborhood.  Not the way I want to get my 10,000 steps in for the day!So, now it’s late and I’m a bit tired, and writing up 3 pages worth of SNI is just not in the cards.  So instead of scrubbing today altogether, I felt that keeping up the run of posts was worth it and I decided to post just one page today.Something is better than nothing, right?  Let’s have a look at page 26, shall we?Card 226:  Damian Miller, 2003 Topps Chrome refractor #226/699.  Chicago Cubs card #5Card 227:  Dmitri Young, 2008 Topps Co-Signers blue #227/250.  Washington card #8Card 228:  Chris George, 1999 Bowmans Best refractor #228/400.  Kansas City card #9Card 229:  Carl Crawford, 2008 Topps Stadium Club 1st day production #229/599.  Tampa Bay card #8Card 230:  Kurt Suzuki, 2011 Bowman green parallel #230/500.  Oakland card #11Card 231:  Andrew Carpenter, 2009 Topps gold #231/2009.  Philadelphia card #9Card 232:  Vicente Padilla, 2010 Topps gold parallel #232/2009.  Los Angeles Dodgers card #8Card 233:  Carlos Zambrano, 2010 Topps Heritage chrome #233/1961.  Chicago Cubs card #6Card 234:  Carlos Lee, 2006 Topps gold parallel #234/2006.  Texas card #7The best part about this page?  The blogosphere was entirely responsible for the contribution of these cards.    Dennis from the Too Many AL Cy Young runner-up’s blog sent me 3 of these, the Night Owl was good for 2, and 4 others contributed one apiece (Royals and Randoms, Starting Nine, Crinkly Wrappers and GCRL).I’m hoping to get a few more pages posted on Thanksgiving Day, stay tuned to see how that turns out…Thanks for reading, Robert

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