I’m sure that I’ve looked at dozens of copies of this card over the past several years.  Each time, I’ve known that I need the card for my 88-89 OPC set.  And each time, I’ve passed on it.   Can’t figure out why though.Finally, I broke down and bought a Brendan Shanahan RC during the Black Friday sale at COMC.  I’m pretty sure that the price was the main factor for the purchase, as the card cost me less than $7The card is in great condition, and it appears that I was waiting for the right copy at the right price to come my way all along.What makes this purchase even greater is now I can add it to the center of the 9 pocket page where it belongs.  Those of you who are long time hockey fans will appreciate the talent that is on this page…5 Hall of Famers (Housley, Gretzky, Shanahan, LaFontaine and Robitaille), Sandstrom and Olczyk both scored almost 400 goals each, Ken Linseman played 15 years in the NHL/WHA and Ron Sutter played 18 years. Now, all that’s left to finish off this set is the Brett Hull RC.  Maybe the January card show will be the place to find that one…Thanks for reading, Robert

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