Supporting the Habit

Fellow hockey collectors are few and far between, and when they leave the blogosphere for a while, well let’s just say you have to travel awhile before you find another puck proponent.So when Trevor from the Supporting the Minnow blog dropped an email on me a few weeks back, I was both surprised and happy to see him back at it.  Trevor mentioned he had a few cards for me, asked for my address and told me to expect something in the mail.I surely didn’t expect what was coming.My recent updating of my want list was largely to get my ass started, because I had procrastinated forever about getting want lists up for sets that I really wanted to chase.  Trevor saw this as a challenge for him instead…This post will only contain 5 cards, the briefest of hits from 3 different want lists.Let’s start with a fellow I don’t show often on this blog anymore, because he’s one of the major players on my PC collection blog, Joe Sakic.Need ’em both!  Seeing as I’m a long way away from having my entire Joe Sakic collection posted on the PC blog, sending me these two was kind of a shot in the dark.  Thankfully, both were needed.  The Sakic on the right is from the McDonald’s release in 2002-03, while the blue bordered beauty on the left is the O-Pee-Chee parallel from 01-02 Topps.  Great stuff.That might be one of the worst pictures on a hockey card ever, but I still love this card.  It just reminds me of what Bobby Clarke was as a hockey player, tough, hard working and fearless (no helmet).Trevor also knocked off two more numbers from the SNI Hockey set.  Both of these are 2012-13 O-Pee-Chee black rainbow cards, serial #’d /100.The face of the Jets franchise for almost a decade, Dale Hawerchuk was the 1st overall pick in the ’81 draft from the Cornwall Royals junior team.  183 points in a 72 game season will get you noticed.  He was involved in one of the biggest deals of the early 90’s, going to Buffalo for a trio of players that included Phil Housley, and Buffalo’s 1st rd draft pick which the Jets used to draft Keith Tkachuk.  This card is serial #73, and not only gets the Jets on the board, but knocks them off the list of teams that need a card that is #’d below 100.Joey MacDonald bounced around the NHL, playing with 5 different teams over a 8 year career.  He is now currently playing in the German Hockey League with the Schwenninger Wild Wings, located in southwestern Germany.  This card is serial #’d 8/100, and is the 2nd single digit serial numbered card for the Red Wings.Some great stuff so far, but there’s plenty more to come from Trevor’s bounty.   Thank you Trevor!Thanks for reading, Robert

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