The monthly card show haul

Normally, you’ll see card show posts from me on the weekend, sometimes dragging them out to Monday if I picked up a bunch of cards that was worthy of multiple posts.This month’s card show is this coming weekend. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about now.  Well, my wife and I have plans this coming this weekend, so I will not be able to attend the show.  Knowing this last weekend, I decided to hit ebay and pretend like I was at an actual card show.I spent more than my normal weekly budget like I always do at the shows.  But I didn’t go crazy.  $45 brought home the following ebay goodies.Two high number Rookie Stars cards on the cheap.  $8 for the pair. Two of the remaining handful of RC’s that I need to complete the ’64 set.  Considering that I’ve seen the LaRussa going for $20 or more, and the Freehan going for around $10, getting these 2 cards for $9 was quite encouraging.I needed 4 team cards before picking up this Orioles team card for $3.50.  Dodgers, Red Sox and Twins team cards are all that I have left. A random trio of high number (Hoeft) and semi high number cards.  I’ve seen the Pumpsie Green card for anywhere from $8 and higher.  These three cards total cost $9.50.Finally, one of the bigger names that I still needed came my way…The Giant Gunners card was one I’ve hunted for at shows for quite a while.  I had a hard time finding it for less than $25.  I bought this on ebay for $12.  Wow.So before hitting my pseudo card show earlier this week, I needed 34 cards to finish my ’64 Topps set.  For $42, I dropped that number by 9.  Finding just the Mays and LaRussa cards for that $42 price tag would have been a big win.  Getting 7 other cards towards the set was just icing on the cake.With 25 cards to go, the end is in sight.  Finding deals on the Niekro RC, AL Bombers and the tops in NL cards on the cheap is going to be a little bit tougher than what I found above.  Maybe I might be able to find another online card show again next month…thanks for reading, Robert

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