The PlayStation game Mobile will sell from 3/10, Sharp and Fujitsu hardware become partners

In June this year Sony announced the PlayStation renamed PlayStation Suite Mobile, and today the company said titles for the platform will start selling from 3/10. They will be distributed through the PlayStation Store and is priced from 50 to 850 Yen (approximately $ 0.64 to $ 10.80 USD). Aimed at tablets and smartphones running Android, PlayStation Mobile will be present in nine countries at the time of release, including Japan, the U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia . The company promises to bring PlayStation Store and PlayStation Mobile to more countries in the future. We have about 30 games from Sony as well as third-party developers of various genres such as adventure, action, sports, puzzle simulator and waiting for user download.   Along with HTC, the first hardware partners, Fujitsu and Sharp will also participate for the PlayStation platform Mobile devices. Sony’s press release refers to smartphones and tablet Fujitsu Arrows, however, not clear model will be compatible with PlayStation Mobile. Previously had Asus and WikiPad announced to join the alliance.   Sony said it will launch PlayStation Mobile software development kit SDK in November. Programmers will have to register for 99 $ / year, but the benefits that a developer can create and sell their game on the PlayStation Mobile compatible devices and PlayStation Vita. With Apple has been successful in the mobile game market, Sony will definitely want to step into his hand and regain market share. Is the Sony PlayStation Mobile can help make your intentions? Let’s wait and see.   PlayStation Mobile carries the PlayStation-style game on the mobile device is certified PlayStation Certified. Sony promises to deliver a good experience for users looking to buy, browse the games as well as enjoy video games. Platform PlayStation Mobile allows programmers to create games like the PlayStation for many different devices, even when it is not by Sony. These games can also work with the PlayStation Vita.   Game for PlayStation Mobile will be distributed through the PlayStation Store. The game was purchased tied to a PlayStation Network account ID, so users can play this game on any PlayStation Certified devices without having to pay again.   According to PRNewswire

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