The rest of the goodies from the monthly card show

I had semi buried the remainder of the cards I bought last weekend, which means I forgot about posting them separate from the Ripken rookie until now.At this point, it’s more quality than quantity as I focused again more on the vintage portion of my collection.The long neglected pursuit of the ’59 Topps set came to an end as I bought 4 more commons, pushing the total number of cards I have to 326, and the percentage to 56.99.  What I enjoy about this dealer is his cards are always in super condition.  By the time I’m done with this set, I’m sure that I won’t be disappointed at all with the condition.As the ’64 set winds it’s way to completion, the next set that I seem to be turning to working on is the ’69 Topps set.  Not sure why this is when I have a good dent in both the ’68 and ’62 sets already.  This McCovey/Marichal card set me back $7, a pretty good deal in my eyes considering that it’s in great condition.To round out the purchases for the week, I nabbed these 2 cards from the ’71-72 OPC set.Love the cartoon on the back of this card, ensuring that people know that Denis’ last name is pronounced “Doo-Pear-ee.”  The french portion of the cartoon mentions that Denis is French Canadian, kind of redundant if you ask me.Much like the rookie subset in ’59 Topps, I’ve grown fond of the All-Star team cards in this set.  I picked up the Ken Hodge for $4.  I took a quick look in Beckett and found that there a couple of pricier All-Star cards, namely the Orr ($50) and the Hull ($25).  I came in with eyes wide open knowing that this set was going to cost a pretty penny to put together, with the Dryden and Lafleur RCs costing a car payment in NM condition.  Like every other vintage set that I’m going to put together, the hunt for cheaper options will be the main focus.That’s where all the fun is, no?Thanks for reading, Robert

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