Got a nice PWE the other day from the uber creative Gavin who runs the Baseball Card Breakdown blog.  Totally unexpected, which is always the best, this 4 card envelope of fun hit the sweet spots.My first Topps Triple Threads card from 2016 is the Troy Tulowitzki card you see on the left.  It is the Amethyst parallel (really, aren’t we stretching for colors just a bit too far now?) #’d 78/340.  I’m going to have to dig into my collection because my want list says I don’t need the Jose Cruz Jr. card in the center, but I sure don’t ever remember seeing it.  The Nazem Kadri on the right is a great card, a nice shade of red to contrast the Maple Leaf blue and white.  That one goes right into the SNI hockey set, and is the 6th Leaf to be posted so far…Now, I have to show this off, because I’m honored to be one of the 25 people on the planet to receive one of these homemade rip cards…Now, first I’ll say God bless Tony Gwynn, he left this planet far too early.But what do I do here.  Do I tear the card, hoping for something I might really like inside.Do I keep the card intact, potentially creating a one of a kind collectible if the other 24 recipients pretend to be 8 year old kids and gleefully tear into theirs?Do I tear the card, hoping to help reduce the Tony Gwynn ’89 Fleer card population enough so that the price might climb another 5 cents?I’ll leave the decision for another time…Thank you for the cards Gavin, greatly appreciated!!!Thanks for reading, Robert

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