Trade package from Cardboard Collections–part 2

Following up yesterday’s post regarding the trade package I received from Colbey at Cardboard Collections is this 10 scan post with all the goodies that Colbey was very kind to send my way.For the first time since January, I was able to update the Just the Hits page on my blog.  This 2007 Adam Lind autograph was totally unexpected, and more than welcome.Just 2 minis, but both were needed.  The smiling Colby Rasmus is an A&G back, and Dickey is still not gripping the ball using the knuckleball grip that he’s known for…Most of the trade packages that I receive are usually full of base cards for my Blue Jays want list.  This one only had 6.  The Yunel Escobar ’12 A&G finally completes that particular want list.  I had to check the GQ Bautista as well to see if it is the variation (it’s not).  The Stadium Club shot of Marcus Stroman is a perfect photo, it captures the regular emotion that Stroman displays in the dugout. There were only 3 cards that you would call inserts in the envelope, and I needed all 3.   Love me the Pastime’s Pastimes cards from ’14 A&G, and the Reyes is the first one that I own…Now on to the parallels.  Everyone knows that I’m a parallel junkie, and this envelope certainly scratched that itch.  I decided to sort them through the years to make it easy.  First up is the 2008 Baseball Heroes charcoal parallel of Scott Rolen.   To my surprise, I didn’t have any of these as part of my Jays collection, until now.Remember these?  2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary craziness.  Needed all 4 of them and there’s still quite a few more that I have to get to complete the team set. 2012 Gold Sparkle card of EE.  I was surprised when I looked at my want list and there wasn’t a want list for these.   I’ll have to rectify that soon.The slate blue parallels from 2013 were one of my favorite parallels over the past few years.  These two scanned a lot lighter than their actual color.  The Target red parallels are always welcome here as well.   I don’t seem to get too many of those in here…I haven’t come across many of the yellow parallels from 2014, the Morrow is only my 3rd.  Even the serial numbered gold parallels have dried up on me lately, as the Goins is only the 3rd from 2014 as well.  I usually manage to snag a few Jays right off the bat, but the past couple of years I haven’t been so lucky.White framed GQ?  Yes please.  The Jose Reyes card is the hit of the package, as it is serial #’d 15/99.  I don’t remember seeing a lot of these on the blogs, so either people are hoarding them, or they are tougher to come by than the serial numbering suggests.All in all, a fantastic package allowing me to cross off a boat load of needs.Thank you Colbey, the cards are greatly appreciated!!!thanks for reading, Robert

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