U.S.: iPad make most users happy, right next Kindle Fire

Over three generations since its first launch in 2010, Apple’s iPad tablet dominated the tablet market despite fierce competition from other firms. One of the main reasons the iPad so successful that from the positive feedback of the users. According to a recent survey carried out based on the opinions of those who own tablet computers in the U.S., considering the scale of the 1000 level of satisfied, iPad reached 848 points in the next after that is the Kindle Fire (841 points) – this is the Android tablet users have rated. (* The survey does not require user reviews of the Google Nexus 7).   According to statistics, most users choose iPad by a huge number of applications from the App Store, smoother operating systems, function and design. While it is cheaper and the number of the exclusive application of the Amazon are the main factors causing the Kindle Fire has attracted so many people.   The survey also provides some relevant statistics such as: People often spend time surfing the web and playing games on the computer table more than 40% and 56% respectively compared to the smartphone; 25% of tablet owners say they use for the purpose for work and business; 37% revealed that they will buy the new tablet after a year; For those who are satisfied with their tablet (who scored 10/10), 90 percent of them said they would buy other consumer electronic devices from the same manufacturer; More than half (61%) of those surveyed will share their equipment with at least one other person; Three-quarters (75%) of tablet owners say they are the only one to make a decision to buy the equipment yourself.     According to JDPower

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