Vanquish 2014 – the latest Aston Martin models will be introduced at the Paris

British car manufacturer Aston Martin has decided on the Paris Motor Show (PMS 2012) took place on 29 to introduce more new versions Vanquish 2014. This is not only a car followed the success of the DBS with improved design, but it also brings the legendary name: Vanquish. The reason for the name, CEO of Aston Martin, Ulrich bez said: “Vanquish today is the embodiment of language design, advanced engineering and technology of Aston Martin. It gives a glimpse into weight, purity and the stimulus can not be denied. Bringing together the name of Vanquish – cars helped build the reputation of the Aston Martin as a big GT car manufacturers in the modern world, I believe that models introduced today will once again put Britain’s leading car brands to the highest position in the segment. ”   Exterior:     Exactly what was expected and promised, exterior of Vanquish 2014 inherited a lot from the style of the One-77 supercar, but does not make sense “original copy”. Right at the front, you will easily get a protruding front edge has been refreshed. Aston Martin has broken up design on the DBS version 2012 and replaced by a more seamless design, accompanied by rectangular exhaust throat acts as the car’s front wing.   If DBS 2012 version owned inlet slot design pretty pieces located two three shocks before, Vanquish 2014 to design than to increase sports and appearance “warlike”. Pair of headlights is not much different than the DBS 2012, the position of the light is changed slightly, “corner” lights located close to the intersection between the light socket and the bonnet create the harmony of design and of course , Vanquish 2014 still use the system LEDs. Hood of similar shaped Vanquish 2014 DBS 2012 but two “nostrils” Engine cooling is heat to 2 side and 2 slots in the center of the ca-po has been removed. So the bonnet of the 2014 Vanquish obviously make a difference when compared to the DBS. The car is also quite similar to DBS 2012 version with ventilation slots is divided in half by a Crome plated metal strip extends over the front door, but somewhat longer. Then, the two sides of the vehicles are also more concave in design, reminiscent of the style of the One-77. Higher peak roof helps increase the interior space above but immediately pulled down and end style Fastback.   If still unable to distinguish what is DBS and what is Vanquish, you should look at the tail end because this is the area most redesigned. The first noticeable difference is the large wing, more aggressive than the associated trunk wing as DBS 2012. In addition, new tail lamps are also made when detailed wings on the Aston Martin logo are sophisticated simulation with red LED beam holding around the protruding edges seamlessly with the vehicle. Very different types of light colored box on the DBS 2012.   Furniture:     Vanquish 2014 will be provided with two options set the interior is 2 +2 and 2 +0. Both 2 brings many features improvements in design and cabin space, leg space is extended to 368 liters, DBS more than 60%.   Aston Martin has decided to put all the interior features and technology from the One-77 Vanquish 2014. So this version will use the material of semi-aniline leather and Alcantara group by the material Fine Luxmil, all are sewn by hand. Meanwhile, the cluster control center will be inspired by One-77 with a new infotainment system, enhanced usability. In addition, users can choose carbon fiber parts for car interior design.   Engine and transmission system:     Engine for Vanquish 2014 will be similar to 2012 with DBS V12 6.0L version but slightly customized. Engine power was raised to 565 hp at rpm 6750 rpm and maximum torque at 619 Nm (457 lb-ft) at rpm 5500 rpm. As a result Vanquish 2014 can accelerate from 0 to 99.6 km / h (60 miles / h) in 4.1 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 299 km / h. The engine will be linking with Touchtronic 2 6-speed automatic gearbox to ensure the best output performance indicators.   Suspension and brakes:   Aston Martin has yet to announce details about the suspension and brakes, but predicted Vanquish 2014 will use the same chassis, suspension and similar win DBS 2012. In this case, the suspension will be a damping system compatibility. The front is equipped with independent double A single master system with anti-roll bar and monotube shock absorber design and control of tuberculosis (anti-dive) prevent good nose when folding win. Rear suspension design will be similar but will optimize the shape to reduce the likelihood of attack and lift the rear end, thus increasing the acceleration and traction.   Brakes front will consist of six active compression piston with ceramic disc brakes with 398 mm diameter ventilation slots. Win after a similar system with 4 piston compression on each side, works with ceramic disc brakes with 360 mm diameter ventilation slots. Is a luxury version of the same high-performance DBS should most likely Vanquish 2014 will be equipped with technologies such as resource allocation brakes and electronic traction control.   Price:   In Europe, the first Vanquish 2014 will be delivered to customers starting later this year. Prices from £ 189,995 – equivalent to $ 297,000 according to the conversion rates.   Vanquish 2014 on the engine test run:   Video trailer for Vanquish 2014: Video scenes of Vanquish 2014:    Galleria.loadTheme (‘/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / folio / galleria.folio.min.js’); $ (“# Galleria_237203448”). Galleria ({ imageCrop: false, maxScaleRatio: 1, preload: 3, fullscreenTransition: ‘fade’ });    (‘# galleria_237203448’);     Galleria.loadTheme (‘/ js / Tinhte / Galleria / themes / folio / galleria.folio.min.js’); $ (“# Galleria_1084784077”). 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