Waze company CEO: Apple's new map can make you get lost

Apple will launch a new map its accompanying iOS 6. The biggest change of this application compared to the previous iOS is that it does not even use Google’s data that switch to TomTom firms, Waze and numerous other companies. Home News Business Insider had a conversation with the CEO Noam Bardin the Waze on new mapping service, and why Apple is no longer working with Google in this area. Bardin believe that Google values ​​obtained from this relationship has become a disadvantage to Apple. Because the map is a fundamental feature for many mobile applications so the best way to advertise is to show it on the map. Bardin said the Apple hopes new application will bring a lot of money rather than having to share profits with Google.   Bardin revealed that Maps is the second most used application after Mail on a mobile device, and that means a tremendous opportunity to make money. According to the CEO, Apple believes that in about two years, the company can build a strong enough product to compete with Google (which has about 10 years experience) in all aspects of the map and search data geography, driving directions and much more.   Bardin said Apple has bet heavily on the cooperation with TomTom, a manufacturer of traditional GPS devices and is approaching to model the map data provider. Both TomTom and Waze have appeared in Apple’s copyright, but according to what Bardin observers, Apple is largely based on the TomTom. “Apple coordinate with weaker players,”, Bardin said “and now they are moving to market data with the lowest, weakest to compete with Google, a company that owns the data at a higher level “. Bardin, will be more difficult for us to find somewhere on the map of Apple. If you find out, can it be biased geographical location or route to that point is not the optimal way.   Bardin added that many application developers have to Waze to see if they can be directly integrated map of Waze in their app or not to not have to use Apple’s software. “They (the developers) said that there are more active in the past with Google now no longer run on Apple data”. The question now, Bardin, it is Apple will take how long to work with partners to upgrade for better data and improved user experience will be like.   Map of Apple in Vietnam and near Like Bardin words, which we can hardly find familiar locations in Google Maps. Street name are many font error (GM expired) Even the directions and route line sometimes not possible. Hopefully Apple will soon improve this feature when iOS 6 official launch.   According to Business Insider

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