Weekend Reflections 1/7

Looking outside…it’s cold, literally below freezing. We’ve hit negative temperatures this week. It’s white because we got hit with a shedload of snow this week. So much that The Artist had 3 snow days with school being canceled, because the roads were dangerous. Begin rant: The roads were dangerous mostly because while our beloved city plows main roads (and some days we wonder how they choose those main roads), they do not normally plow residential roads. We have a Trailblazer with 4WD and The Doctor nearly got stuck trying to get out of the end of our driveway (which we had shoveled) and The Boy got stuck trying to come back in on Thursday. It’s crazy. I get that our snow plows are working around the clock, but there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a truck drive down the road with its SHOVEL UP! Bloody hell, if you drive a truck with a shovel on the front of it, plow the damn road in front of you. Driving some streets feels like you’re offroading. We haven’t even tried to take the Buick out yet. So grateful for 4WD on the Trailblazer.The city did start plowing residential neighborhoods yesterday, which was nice to hear. They got to the neighborhoods around ours, but not ours. Hmmm. Maybe they know I was ranting… 😉 I appreciated being able to run errands yesterday and have some of the main roads mostly clear. We needed more ice melt and we refilled our propane tanks and picked up a few groceries. I was out again this morning. My sister’s neighborhood voted to dump their HOA and formed their own. They used their dues to hire someone to plow their neighborhood this week. So awesome. We need to do that. Our HOA is only good for sending snotty letters when your trash cans are left out 30 seconds after the truck leaves and if you have one dandelion in your yard. I’d like to tell them all to go to hell. End rant.The Doctor and the boys have helped people shovel their driveways and sidewalks and have dug out cars. I have appreciated that they are so willing to help others and it’s gratifying to see so many people out doing things to help their neighbors. I have seen many cars that have slid off a road and others pushing and towing to get them out. I wish we had a truck or even a 4-wheeler that we could fit with a shovel to help our neighbors and plow down our street. Goals for the future, right? We are due to get another storm this afternoon into Sunday afternoon. If it stays cold, we could get another 4-7 inches of snow along with freezing rain. So now the concern is possible power outages, downed power lines and flooding. Last night The Doctor and the boys cleared some of the snow off our roof and broke up some ice dams and cleared out a mess of icicles. We’re shoveled and iced. We have blankets and batteries and propane. We’ve taken all the precautions we can, so now we pray and wait it out. Most of the state is much the same. Central and Eastern Idaho had temps into the negative 20s and 30s yesterday. I thought -12 was cold. Although, once you hit the negatives, it all feels much the same and it’s too cold to breathe.Church is cancelled tomorrow and we just found out that pipes burst in our chapel. Not good.Listening…to household noises. The washing machine, one boy in the shower. One on his computer. The Doctor is on his laptop on one end of the table and I’m on the other and we talk as we work. The boys cleared out the rest of the driveway and put down ice melt. We always do that before it snows and it makes shoveling so much easier.Loving…the beauty that the snow brings. There is just something majestic about a stark world covered in white, set against a bright blue sky. I love how the sun shimmers on the snow with sparkly diamonds winking back. Thinking…that I am tired. Still. Always. It’s just a part of me now.In my kitchen…a cup of hot chocolate. I think The Artist chose Applebee’s for dinner tonight. Wearing…long denim skirt, warm socks, tan turtleneck and dark green cardigan. It all goes well with my black boots, purple fleece-lined jacket and black scarf and gloves when I go out. Hoping…that this storm isn’t as bad as they are predicting. Reading…nothing yet. My goal this year is to plow through my TBR. I haven’t been accepting many new books for review because I want to get through the ones I currently have. Today…birthday plans for The Artist this afternoon.Quoting…”In the winter she curls up around a good book and dreams away the cold.”  ― Ben Aaronovitch, Broken Homes.Feeling…Some hope. This has been a positive week. We are getting things in place for this practice. We have lists of tasks to accomplish. The Doctor has seen some patients. It’s nice to have some hope again.Planning…we have The Artist’s 16th birthday this weekend. I can’t believe he’s this old. He’s such a great kid. Today, he’s spending time with a friend and then we’re taking him and his friend to a Lego store and out to dinner. Tomorrow it’s dinner and presents and cake with the extended family. Grandma is making Stroganoff. I make Stroganoff too, with the same recipe, but somehow, when it is made by Grandma, my family thinks it’s better! I am ok with that.Gratitude…for my electric blanket, a fireplace and central heat, blankets and fuzzy socks, hats, gloves and scarves. And my boots. I love my boots. And heated seats in my car. I love those too!From my world… From the base of this tree to this point is nearly 3 feet. I will leave it to you to figure out how much snow is in my backyard! It’s certainly pretty to look at though. That snow level will be much higher by tomorrow.What about you? What are you reflecting on this week? How has your week gone?©Holly B. of 2 Kids and Tired Books 2007-2014 All rights reserved. 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